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2020 Trip Postponement Plan & Options

Dear Global Glimpse families,

Due to the unprecedented circumstances caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are postponing all 2020 international summer programs. We plan to fulfill all commitments to our students in 2021.  We know that many of our families will be deeply impacted by this crisis. We are balancing our diligent work to ensure that Global Glimpse survives, with an unwavering commitment to supporting our most vulnerable families and we have developed our 2020 Trip Postponement Plan with this balance in mind. We sincerely hope you will be understanding and supportive as you consider the options below.

**SPECIAL BENEFIT! All students who rollover their tuition and stay enrolled in Global Glimpse will receive a personal round-trip United Airlines flight voucher valued at $825 to anywhere in the US 48, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Central America or the Caribbean after it is safe to travel! Click here to check out the details of this generous support from our partners at United Airlines

Trip Postponement Options:

To support our families and the greater Global Glimpse community in this time of uncertainty as best we can, we are now providing multiple Trip Postponement options for families to choose from. Please review the following options and complete your Trip Postponement Request Form by April 15th.

  1.  I WANT TO STAY ENROLLED AND TRAVEL IN SUMMER 2021: Your full tuition and donations made to your account to date will roll over to next year. You will be guaranteed admission and you will have a chance to update your trip preferences based on trip dates and availability. You will be sent a Rollover Receipt confirming the amount of tuition that you have paid to date by May 15th. You will also be invited to participate in our modified 2020 leadership development, service-learning, and college and career preparation programming starting this summer and receive a round-trip United Airlines flight voucher valued at $825 for your own personal travel. Click here to learn more about this generous support from our partners at United Airlines.
  2.  I WANT TO TRANSFER MY TUITION PAYMENT TO A FAMILY OR FRIEND: You can transfer your payments made to date to another student to enroll in the 2021 Global Glimpse program. To receive a payment transfer, your family member or friend must be based in one of the regions we operate (Colorado, SF Bay Area, Chicago, New York Tri-State Area, Western MA), be eligible for our program (high school sophomore or junior), and complete their new Global Glimpse application.  All transfers must be completed by October 15th, 2020.
  3.  I QUALIFY FOR UNDUE BURDEN RELIEF ASSISTANCE: We understand many families we serve may be navigating through extreme financial hardships caused by the economic impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. To support our most vulnerable families we are making available an option to apply for Undue Burden Relief Assistance. This is available to families who earn less than $60,000 annually as reflected on your application form submitted in the Fall. If you are eligible for Undue Burden Relief Assistance, and you are unable to select any of the other Trip Postponement options, you will receive a refund of all family payments made to date directly through the portal. Donations to students are not refundable and will go towards a scholarship for another eligible student. We will issue Undue Burden Relief Assistance refunds by May 15th.
  4.  I’D LIKE TO DONATE MY TUITION PAYMENTS TO THE GLOBAL GLIMPSE ENDURANCE FUND: You can make a tax-deductible donation to support Global Glimpse and allow us to endure this global pandemic, retain staff, and provide scholarships to more deserving students next year.  You will receive a donation receipt recognizing your tax-deductible donation to Global Glimpse. We understand times are uncertain and are very grateful you would consider supporting future Glimpsers, our staff, and the international communities we serve in these tough times.

Families are encouraged to complete their Trip Postponement Request Form by April 15th. If your request is not submitted by April 16th, Global Glimpse will consider any tuition you have paid thus far to be a donation to the Global Glimpse Endurance Fund. Don’t worry, we will follow up with friendly reminders.

Complete your Trip Postponement Request Form

We will be working hard to reply to and fulfill all Trip Postponement Requests by May 15th. Thank you for your patience as our small staff dedicates itself to processing hundreds of requests as quickly and thoughtfully as possible.

With respect and appreciation,

The Global Glimpse Team

**United Airlines Flight Voucher

Our partners at United Airlines know that our students will miss out on the opportunity to travel with Global Glimpse this summer. Though this moment may seem insurmountable, United and Global Glimpse both believe in our students’ potential to find hope and inspiration in the wake of this crisis. In order to keep dreams and plans for a bright future alive, United Airlines is stepping up even in the face of their own serious challenges, to offer all students who stay enrolled in Global Glimpse a domestic flight voucher that will support their continued growth and aspirations when it is safe to travel again.

Whether it is a flight for a college visit in the Fall, re-establishing a physical connection with loved ones this summer, or traveling as a family during winter break, United Airlines, and Global Glimpse want to support our Glimpsers with the resources to continue to connect with one another and with the world.

*Travel voucher is for one (1) roundtrip ticket within the US 48, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, Central America or the Caribbean.
*Only students who rollover their tuition and stay enrolled in Global Glimpse are eligible for a travel voucher.
*Only students you have completed their first payment installment are eligible for a travel voucher.
*Travel voucher flight must be taken by 12/31/20.