Today we took a look into the economic world of the Dominican Republic. We took a tour of an environmentally friendly mine called CORMIDON. Next we visited a group of activists advocating against mineral testing in Loma Miranda, a beautiful source of water and one of the most important areas for endemic species in the Dominican Republic. It began to rain super hard when we were climbing on the mountain, and we returned to the accommodation to prep for our first English Tutoring lessons.

The English lessons were super challenging but really fun. We met kids, teens, and adults who had a strong passion for learning. For dinner then ate arroz con leche. At the nightly meeting we reflected on sustainability as a part of development. After another jam packed day we went to bed, happy and exhausted. Until tomorrow faithful fans.

Your LDDs (Leaders of the Day),

Erin and Kelly

P.S. Pictures to be added on Friday.