Hello this is Marcos the Site Manager for Bonao being the leader of the day for our first full day which was history.

We all woke up to very shiny and warm weather as the DR is known for how hot it gets for this time…

We had our first Dominican breakfast witch was genuine amazing and very tasty, just the best way to welcome for all of the students to the Dominican Republic.

Our first introduction to history was an Academic Seminar Led by our nice and cool GGL Leader Anne Parris.

To keep on going with our amazing day, we had some free time to just hang out and get to know the kids from the orphanage a little more…

It was great to see so many interactions in between our glimpsers because that really shows how comfortable they all feel and I know we will all learn from each other a lot during this trip.

Lunch timeeee!!!! All of the students got to experience the main dish of the Dominican Republic witch is called la Bandera, this contains, Rice, Beans, Chicken, Salad.


One of the most exciting thing we did was meeting the ambassadors, a group of bilingual kids from the host city that will help us with the different activities we will be doing during the trip. Also our city tour was amazing for all of us, as the students learned about Bonao and its history. They also have a better sense of where they are and what the real Dominican life is all about. This was our main highlight of the day, but I do have to mention talking to the locals had a great impact on the students.   We got to hear personal passion and personal stories from the different speakers that we had today.


Being the leader for me today was just awesome, that’s the only word I could use to describe it because I can see that this team is very dedicated and passionate about the different activities and they are learning at the speed of light.


The great energy and laugh today was contagious as I was also inspired by the amount of work and dedication I can see in each one of our students.


One of the lessons I learned about myself today was how to be more confident and just act like a good and responsible Leader.


We will keep all of the family members, friends, mentors update about how every day goes!!!


This is the end of our first full day, with lots of love and happiness and great energy, tomorrow will be even a better day… Marcos