Today was another amazing addition to the days spent here in the Dominican Republic. Starting off early, we headed to the beach after a nutritious breakfast. Though the ride was long and bumpy, we finally reach Barahona. Our first pit stop in the city was where they make such a beautiful stone call larimar into jewelry. We had a brief seminar where we got to learn the history of a family own business who makes a living off of this. Then we got a chance to pick stones where we could make them into shapes. The family was nice enough to cut and polish them for free.

While this process is going on, we headed to the beach to start another day of fun. The temperature was perfect and the water a crystal Caribbean blue, almost like a painting.  Everyone’s faces held smiles, having fun in the summer sun. It’s nice to have the few days of free time to kick back and relax and enjoy the company of each other. Even as our time together winds down, we will cherish these moments forever.