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Immigration Day - SC1B

Immigration Day - SC1B

"We were very proud of our peers, the majority of who opened up and shared details about themselves that put them in a vulnerable situation, not only in front of their peers but strangers from a foreign country. It was an eye opening experience that removed any barriers between us based off of culture, race, or even language. It allowed us to come together on a more basic and human level and see each other for the individuals that we are." ... READ MORE

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CAP Day 2!!! (MUST READ!)

Hi my name is David and Jorge is next to me (Hiiii). Today we continued to work on our Community Action Project which involves building a wall to keep La Casa Materna from flooding. Today we made a ton of progress on the wall. Its basically done. Literally. We all agreed to wake up earlier to get a head start on the wall. We woke everyone up at... READ MORE

Living like a local!!!

Hello friends and family of glimpsers this is Kevin and Eric the leaders for today. Today was our “Live Like a Local Day” in which we visited a rural community of coffee planation workers and joined them for their daily routine in and around their homes. The name of the community was Tejerina and it is made up of about 200 homes. The group was... READ MORE

Fun day #2

Today, August 6th, 2017 our delegation climbed a volcano called Chimborazo. The special thing about this volcano is that it is the closest place to the sun from the center on the earth. At 6:45 am we woke up to go to breakfast at Cafe del Tren. After we ate we took a bus to the base of Chimborazo. When we got to the base, everyone was really... READ MORE

Living & Working Like a Local

Today was a very interesting day for those working and living as a local. To start off the day we all woke up at 5 AM. To get into the emersion of being like a local, we were not allowed to shower with hot water and sent with the mindset of living the same life they would normally live. We left the hostel at 5:45 AM to a local indigenous family... READ MORE

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