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Immigration Day - SC1B

Immigration Day - SC1B

"We were very proud of our peers, the majority of who opened up and shared details about themselves that put them in a vulnerable situation, not only in front of their peers but strangers from a foreign country. It was an eye opening experience that removed any barriers between us based off of culture, race, or even language. It allowed us to come together on a more basic and human level and see each other for the individuals that we are." ... READ MORE

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Day 13: We’re Almost There!

Today was the second day working on our CAP Delivery Project. We woke up at 7am. Some of us woke up even earlier to work out with the Executive Director of Global Glimpse, Eliza, at 6:30am. Although the workout group was smaller today, there are still quite a few committed Glimpsers!  We were also treated to an amazing oatmeal for breakfast, made... READ MORE

A Tour Around Constanza!

Hello family and friends this is Katherine Constanza’s Program Coordinator and today’s leader of the day! The group has finally made it to Constanza. Wooohoooo!  After waking up bright and early in Santiago, we headed up the valley to finally make it to our home for the next 15 days! We arrived at our amazing host accommodations... READ MORE

We made it to Riobamba!

We finally made it to Riobamba! After many hours of traveling, we landed in Quito late last night and were met by our Program Coordinators, Melissa and Ana. We went to our hostel for the night and quickly went to bed. Students handled a 7am wake up call on little sleep amazingly. Upon waking up, we were surprised by the beautiful views from our... READ MORE

Culture + Fun Day

Hola, parents and friends! We’re reporting to you from the end of our most hectic day in Nicaragua so far. Today was a pretty insanely amazing day. Even though we had to be up at 5:45 (which means we were up at 5), it was a exhilarating experience. We started off the day by going Casa Comanejo to take a mangrove boat tour of an island... READ MORE

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