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Immigration Day - SC1B

Immigration Day - SC1B

"We were very proud of our peers, the majority of who opened up and shared details about themselves that put them in a vulnerable situation, not only in front of their peers but strangers from a foreign country. It was an eye opening experience that removed any barriers between us based off of culture, race, or even language. It allowed us to come together on a more basic and human level and see each other for the individuals that we are." ... READ MORE

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C2C Return Trip Information

Hello Family and Friends of C2C Glimpsers, We know you all are excited for your students to return, so here are some reminders about their flight information: The students will be arriving at SFO at 12:08 AM on Sunday 8/13 on Copa (CM) 382 into the International Terminal. The students return home Saturday night but just after midnight so this is... READ MORE

Politics Day

We are aware and apologize for the lack of pictures throughout the past few days. There have been technical difficulties but we can ensure that all students are safe. Quentin: Hello, my name is Quentin Hillaire and I’m going to tell you about my experience being leader of the day. This morning, the dogs were barking and we could smell the... READ MORE

Community Action Project 3

We woke up at 7 am and had breakfast soon after. When we were all finished we headed to the school to work on our CAP Project (Community Action Project). We managed to finish all of the rooms which consisted of different paintings. There were butterflies, flowers, and a tree with words and quotes painted aside it to make those school classrooms a... READ MORE

CAP DAY 2!!!

Day 12: CAP Day 2 IMPORTANT: Remember the pick up time around 12 midnight on SFO Flight 382 COPA Greetings and salutations family and friends! My name is Maggie and I’ll be guiding you through the activities that our delegation experienced today. Today we started construction on the basketball court. First, the baseball players helped with taking... READ MORE

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