Hey guys, this is Erin and Aaliyah reporting to you live from Riobamba, Ecuador! Today, we woke up bright and early at 7:15 am and got ready for the big day ahead of us – CAP DAY #2!!! After a scrumptious breakfast at Isabel’s, we headed to Carlos Garbay School to finish up our projects. All groups worked diligently while listening to some throwbacks. The walls, trash bins, and gazebo ended up looking great, just as we hoped. We actually completed our projects early, allowing for some free time to stock up on snacks (and totally didn’t eat them after we bought them…). Then we went into our CAP debrief meeting, where we reflected on the successes and challenges we faced during our CAP days.

Here we have Angie touching up and adding details (stars) to a mural painted by a previous Global Glimpse group! The mural group made the walls look flawless despite working in the sun.

Here we have Zoe (aka Becky) painting the beautiful gazebo to look brand new again! The gazebo group was able to repaint it and add artwork.

Here we have Jacob and Diego who worked hard on repainting the walls that circled the entire school (TWICE). Also, featuring Pookie Paco!

Last but not least, we have the trash (bin) group 🗑️! We redesigned the garbage collection system to be more easily accessible and efficient. We also sanded the structures down, painted them with original artwork, and SLAYYYYEEEEDDD!! #trashcore 🚮 (KK is a big influence)

Yours truly,
Erin and Aaliyah <3

Personal Messages:
P.S. We’re climbing an (inactive) volcano tomorrow! Don’t freak out πŸ™‚ 🌋

P.S.S. I MISS YOU MAMI AND PAPI and my siblings too I guess… – Aaliyah <3

P.S.S.S. MISS YOU DADDY AND MOMMY AND CIEN AND JODI I GUESS!! I can’t wait to show you the gifts I bought rahh – Erin (030)