DSC00639 DSC00633 DSC00600Today was an early day for everyone because our day is packed full with so many activities. Being the first student leader of the day (its Hailey) I had the honor of getting up at 5:45! We all had to be up by 6 and be ready for breakfast by 6:30. This was not an easy process to get everyone up, but Gloria and Hadya helped me out. This was also our first day of CAP other known as Community Action Project. For those who do not know this is the groups project to better the community of Jinotega. We learned the three D’s, which applies for our project, Discovery, Design and Deliver. After we learned about what the project is about we were off to the Club Infantil. We took a taxi, yes a taxi to the Club Infantil! Driving here is so crazy, there is no road rules!!!!! When we got there we learned about what they do for the community. They are an organization that allows kids from     5-18 to come to their building to get off the streets and join in free classes. Here they can learn how to do make up, play sports, learn self defense and much more. It was amazing to hear how the people who worked for the organization have such a passion to help the kids. With getting the kids into the classes they try to get kids going to school constantly. In Jinotega parents need help working in order to have money. Being able to meet the founders of the organization was a great experience. We left the club and came back to the hostel for lunch! Yum Yum Yum!!! They make super yummy food every meal! We then got the opportunity to go meet up with some of the girls who are apart of the Club. Besides  just being amazing young girls they could all kick our butt! They were trained in self defense and were fearless. The man who runs the department of self defense was named Sal. He is a respected man in the community and all the girls look up to him. He teaches his students to have confidence. Everyone got the opportunity to be taught some self defense moves. The girls taught us how to kick and punch, which was scary because we all knew that they knew what they were doing. After learning our self defense moves we headed back to the hostel and had some free time. I personally used my time to get to know some of the girls a little better. (To all parents reading this your kids are amazing!) As you know already we had our english prep time so we could prepare for teaching. We were split up into groups of two or three and we were put into different levels of teaching english. Dinner was ready for us to eat at 5, all of us were starving by the time dinner came and were happy to know that food was coming! All the food was gone! Right at 5:45 were started our walk to the school which only took about 15 minutes. The night life in Jinotega was exciting! Everyone is still out and about. When we got to teaching most of us had people in their classrooms, and teaching our first class was exciting very difficult. The walk home was tiring and I was ready for bed. Though we had our nightly meeting. This is where we hear about each others day and what everyone enjoyed about the activities. The exciting part was passing the torch! This is where we pass the responsibilities to the next person. I passed it to Jonathan S. by having everyone high five him. This was a great day and so excited for much more!

Love Hailey

p.s. Shout out to my mom, dad, Kiahna, Chase and Connor!!!! miss ya

p.s.s. Shout out to Hadya’s fambam!! she misses you!!!!