Hola, loved ones back home!

We started the day waking up before the sun was even up (how exciting). However, a time like 5 am could never bring our spirits down. I made sure no one turned on the electricity and performed bucket showers so that we all can get the full experience of living on $1 a day just like real families here in Nicaragua. After I gathered everyone, we headed out for breakfast. Gallo pinto with beans and rice, allowed us to understand a typical meal for those who we planned to meet later in the day. Finally, we started our to the community Punta de Plancha around 7:30 am. The students then separated in groups of 2 to 3. Since not everyone spoke Spanish, the day was more of a challenge to some than others. For example, the family I spent the day with (second picture), knew little to no English. When the only Spanish speaker of my group was not available, the “language barrier” made a simple task complicated. Fortunately, the Glimpers helped out as much as they could. Dishes were washed, laundry was done, and trash was taken care of. All the while we were helping out these families, we got to know them which was what made the day special.

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