What would you do living on a dollar a day?

Well, here’s our story.

The day began at the early start of 6:15 in the morning. Our groggy bodies rolled out of bed and walked to the comedor to receive the traditional Gallo pinto breakfast (aka rice and beans). Right after breakfast we loaded not only ourselves onto the bus, but also the premade lunches we would sit and share with the different families in the community we were headed to.

We stepped out of the bus and were instantly met with friendly smiles amidst the emerging community. Each student was sent to a certain family in the community while accompanied by a friend or two. The families surpassed the definition of hospitable and instantly treated us as if we were a part of their own. From our (Ariana and Michelle) personal experience, we connected with our family through different means such as dances, family photos, and similarities in cultures. Touring and experiencing the community gave a whole new perspective to our understanding of poverty.


The private bus rides there and back never failed to entertain everyone around, especially after the heart wrenching goodbyes in the community. We got thatUptown Funk on the way back home with Bruno Mars along with Pharell to make us Happy.

Later in the day we went on to our usual weekday English tutoring. Again, we grew connections with our students and even invoked a sense of closer community after seeing a few of them around town. To end the intermediate English tutoring class with a selfie was definitely another addition to gain a closer bond with our students.

“How does community help improve circumstances?” was our question of the day.

Throughout our day, we gained a new light on the definition of community. Seeing all the families treating their neighbors and their global glimpse guests as family, aided in the positive spirit despite their circumstances.