Today’s challenge was to experience living with only one dollar. Basically the challenge was that our group would have to live without any electricity and running water starting from last night’s meeting. Each Glimpsers received only one bucket to fill up with water to use however they please. For example, they could use it to shower, wash their hands, or use it to flush the toilet.

So, after breakfest we all got on our bus and drove to the community called Arroyo Loro only ten minutes away. We received a warm welcome from the families who live there. Once we got off, we split the group into two; one group stayed in the community while the other went to the fields. Reanna and I went into the separate groups so now we are going to share our different experience.

My name is Reanna and my group stayed in the community. My group experienced what it was like to be a housewife. My group started off by going to the well to pump up water for the families. Some students started off by sweeping and mopping the homes of the families they were sent to. Some students also cleaned dishes with reused water and a sock. While playing with the children there, students helped with the cooking by buying ingredients at the local market, preparing the ingredients, and cleaning the rice.


Hi, my name’s Carlos and was with the group that went to the fields. Generally, we entered an agricultural building where we were given a presentation from the people that work there. We learned that they focus on the genetics of plants and experiment with them to make a better crop. These crops included yukas, sweet potato, mangoes, and avocado. After the presentation, we all walked towards the fields where we helped take out weeds with hoes. All of us were exhausted afterwards because of the heat, but it was fun because we sang songs while working and had conversations with the workers despite the lack of Spanish. Next, we walked to where the mango trees grow and to tell the truth, eating mangoes right off the tree is amazing . We each got three different types of mangoes and brought some to are fellow Glimpsers in the community.


Once we regrouped, we all had lunch with the community and we just had such a great time. Some of the little girls were braiding the hairs of the girls of our group while others went down to the river and enjoyed each others’ company. All the kids wanted their pictures taken and to learn a bit of English as well. After that, we all went to the local baseball field and played with the locals. It was really amazing seeing how well we got along with the community and I’m pretty sure I can speak on the behalf of all our fellow Glimpsers that we will truly miss the kindness and warmth the community shared with us.

Our final activity was teaching our first English class at a local high school. Our students ranged from teenagers to people in their twenties. It was a bit of a challenge with some of our friends who couldn’t speak Spanish for translation, but overall they all showed enthusiasm while teaching and from what we both heard the students there had fun learning it.

We closed the day with the nightly meeting and passing the “torch” to Omneha.

Thanks for reading our really long blog:)

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