Today was one of the hardest days for all of us Global Glimpse travelers. It marked our second reality challenge following the living on a $1 a day task which proved to be easy peasy lemon squeezy compared to what we faced today. We began this difficult day by having to make sure our group was up by 4:00am and ready to leave the hostel by 4:30, our earliest start to the day thus far. Our group was very time efficient and arrived at the farm at the allotted time of 5:30, which made our lovely trip coordinators Skarleth and Maria very happy and pleased since it is something we normally struggled with. Upon arrival we were greeted by one of the farm’s workers who was responsible for assigning splitting our large group into four smaller ones and then assigning us to different jobs. Myself and co-leader Mahamadou, were grouped with three other fellow glimpsers and were assigned to be working with the farms chickens, which I thought was going to be an easy job, but as you will soon find out it was quite the opposite.

DSC02051      DSC02045

First we had to pick the eggs from the chicken farm, the chickens were a little hard on us, they were poking us on our butt, feet and sometimes didn’t want to let us grab the eggs. We broke a couple of eggs by accident, especially me, Mahamadou, who broke more eggs than I picked. A weird fact, chickens eat their own eggs. The chickens kept feeding us dust and also were having fun untying our laces. It was a fun experience and we really enjoyed it.  We are also very proud because we all faced our fear, we worked hard as a group and faced our second reality challenge with a smile on our face at last. I’m a little happier because we helped the guy who takes care of the chickens, he collects more than a thousand eggs a day and takes care of the cleaning and feeding of chickens in ten hours a day for five dollars a day and one day off in a week. We Global Glimpsers are very proud for what we have achieved and encourage others to join and make a difference in our lovely world.