Salma’s Blog:

Today was our first free day, meaning that we were allowed to roam the city of Matagalpa on our own (with our GG Leaders of course) until 6pm. It was also the first morning where we got to wake up at the latest we’ve ever woken up at….8:00am! What a glorious morning it was. The whole day consisted of free time (broken up by breakfast and lunch at the hotel), and as long as we were in groups of 4 or more, the city was ours to trek. After our morning jaunt, lunch approached and we ate yet another delicious meal. 5 more hours of free time were given, and thus we ventured out yet again!. Souvenir shopping, games of soccer in the middle of the town square, finding new coffee shops, and getting laundry back…spending our cordobas on wonderful presents for all! Some of us even ran into American basketball players (LeBron James’ cousin) who are playing for the Matagalpan team this summer. Our expedition abruptly ended at 6:15pm when we returned to the hotel for dinner and followed this with our usual nightly meeting (where the new Leader of the Day is crowned!) and caught up on self reflections. Next Saturday will be our last free day- let’s hope it’s as good as today’s!