Hey Everyone!

Today was the first reality challenge. Our challenge was to shadow a high school student. We woke up at 5am much to everyone’s dismay. We got dressed in the typical Nicaraguan student uniform, which consisted of a white top with blue pants or skirts with black shoes. After having an early breakfast, we split up into two groups to go to school. The first group went to a private school, San Luis, and the second group went to a public school, Gabriela Mistral.

After going to school for four hours, both groups came back and we were eager to share our experiences. The education system here is very different from the one in the U.S. For one, we noticed that a lot of students had their phones out during class and were either on Instagram or Facebook. Another thing was that the students are free to walk out of class whenever they want and not get in trouble. The teachers here seem to be very lenient and after writing their lessons on the board, they would leave. There would be no one watching the students and they were trusted to complete their own work.

Being El Lider Del Dia was really fun. Even though I don’t really talk much, everyone respected me. I was very stressed about time today, but then I realized that we caught up. I really enjoyed hearing the similarities and differences in public and private schools. It reminded me on my first experience in public school after many years of attending private school. That’s all for now. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!!!!!

Yours Truly,
Ciara Bizzell