Today was our very first fun day! We visited a recreation center called Vida Joven (which means Young Life). There were many activities to do at Vida Joven such as canoeing, hiking, and there was even a gym where you could play soccer, basketball or just chill with everyone else. There was also a labyrinth with only one path. My favorite part of today was canoeing, it was a brand new experience for me. Even though one the boats over, I think we all enjoyed canoeing. At the end of the night, we walked to El Italiano La Vita e Bella where we encountered the other Matagalpa delegation (me and my sister were both leader of the day) and had a delicious Italian pizza dinner.

Overall, we had a pretty fun day! And I believe that we all learned how to really connect to nature and we learned that even a third world country can have places where we can all relax and enjoy ourselves.