We woke up early, and after a healthy breakfast, we headed out on our field trip. The destination of that trip was The Hope Project, who will be the receiver of our community action project (CAP). At The Hope Project, we encountered first hand the life of one of the most generous and kind-hearted men we have met so far, Farrell Burton, the in-country director of the Hope Project. Mr. Burton has dedicated his life to helping the poor and innocent children in Matagalpa. He decided to sell his belongings and leave his nice job in the states, to come and work with people he believed needed his help. The services he provides, such as providing basic education and feeding both the children and their families when needed. The feeding program alone started with a donation of 75 pounds of rice and 75 pounds of beans, and now the project serves 200 children and their families every week, Monday through Friday. Other than food and education, The Hope Project teaches parents and adults trades so that they can start to support themselves financially and in some cases even provides housing to those who need it most.

DSC07156After the trip to The Hope Project concluded, we headed back to the hostel, and had a delicious lunch. After a seminar on Aid and Development, we headed out on public transportation to Joven Nica, an organization that teaches teens and young adults trades, as well as bringing beauty to their neighborhood. In fact, our specific trip was to a beauty salon, where the staff was almost all young adults. Joven Nica was actually an organization that promoted development in Matagalpa, specifically that helped younger adults and teens, but got it’s aid and funding from a foreign organization based in Switzerland. After they got to practice their new skills on some of our glimpsers, one of whom (Allyson), said she was really impressed by all they had accomplished. After we finished at the beauty salon, we headed back to the hostel, and we were taught how we were supposed to be teaching English to students, who had had difficulties with their teachers in the past. After that, we had dinner and our nightly meeting, and headed to sleep in preparation for tomorrow, our first free day since we’ve arrived.