imageToday was the first free day the Leon delegation was given on their excursion to Leon, Nicaragua. It was spent bonding with our newfound peers and exploring what recreational activities Leon has to offer. In the morning, glimpsers were able to travel back to the Sawdust Carpet Workshop to take local dance lessons or further their skills in painting with the help of local professionals. After, glimpsers formed small groups to explore Leon on their own. They visited the local souvenir vendors in central park, and found many quaint souvenirs and trinkets to take back home. Bartering was a large part of the experience and glimpsers experienced the treacherous wit of the local vendors, who sharked lots of Cordoba from our excited heroes. Some pulled through with amazing deals on treasures while others were left with a hole in their wallet. Glimpsers also decided to visit the local pool and interact with the locals who enjoy spending a hot Sunday relaxing in cool waters. With a few glimpsers experiencing Culture Shock from the time spent away from America, they embarked on an epic quest to find their Shangri-La: A Burger King hidden in the wild, unnamed streets of Leon. Luckily, our heroes persevered and found this reminiscence of home, and were rewarded with juicy burgers which matched the ones back home in exactness.image

The glimpsers may believe they just spent the day relaxing, but they learned what the Nicaraguan people choose to do for their free time and further indulged into the Nicaraguan culture. All this while learning more about the peers who accompanied them across this foreign land full of adventure.