DSC07280Today was the group’s first free day! Everyone had a blast and even though it was free day, we spent our time wisely. Everyone was able to sleep in which was fantastic because people were in need of their rest. The breakfast was delicious. It was pancakes and fruit with syrup. After breakfast we all got ready to go to the market, where we were able to really see the daily lives of the people who go to the market and sell their products. The Nicaraguan people also depend on the market as their daily grocery store because it is cheaper. After the market we all went up this long flight of stairs that led us to an amazing view of the city at the top.

In the after we had a seminar on poverty and living on a dollar a day, which we will do tomorrow.

The nicest moments of the day happened when we were finally able to talk to our loved ones at calling centers. Thanks for the support and love!!