Hey guys!! My name is Lexie Jones, the first leader of the day. After an early morning wake-up, a filling breakfast, an interesting energizer, and a Culture Seminar we were off to our first big activity of the day: Clase Bailar (Dance Class). During our dance we learned three routines: The cup dance, the psychiatrist dance and the kettle dance. Once we learned the three dance we showed them our own and participated in a free dance. Our instructors showed us their moves and we tried to mimic them, it was hilarious but at least they were attempted, right?

DSC00932 DSC00934 DSC00945

When our dance class ended we went back to our hostel to freshen up and chill after the sweat filled dance class, whew was it hard work LOL. Then we went to lunch with our dance instructors and had a bit of free time afterwards once we finished and headed back to the hostel. We then joined together again to meet a few women who make jewelry for their community and income to support their kids with school supplies. Everyone dug in and made a lot of pieces, some pieces are still being made at this hour even though the women are gone; do it yourselfers unite!!


The day continued on with an English tutoring lesson¬† so we could find out what kind of students we would get to tutor/ teach and what group we were in for teaching (I’m super juiced for this tutoring). Finally, at the end of a long sweat filled day, we walked over to a local cultural center to have dinner and to watch a show being sponsored by a Nicaraguan organization. Though we didn’t get to see the show we still had fun and enjoyed the atmosphere. Being leader of the day was really interesting; the schedule changes and fun activities really had me pooped but I still had fun. I learned that I’m a very strict person but I’m willing to dial back so everything can run smoothly. TODAY WAS AWESOME!!! I Wish I could have had more time for the dance class it was sooooo much fun. Well anyways, this Lexie Jones signing off.


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