(Sorry for the delay–the internet was being repaired at the hostel yesterday.) Today was our 1st CAP delivery which was very exciting. We started off splitting into two groups; one group did the shopping while the others went to Los Pipitos to start organizing. At first, we were a little nervous because we had a lot to do but as soon as we came back from shopping for the materials we saw that everyone had progressed tremendously. Although there were bumps in the road we ended up collaborating very nicely. Since there was no bus today, we walked back in the hot sun and bonded. After we made our way back to the hostel, we took our showers and cold water never felt so amazing! We spent the rest of our afternoon preparing for our English classes before eating Dona Francis’ amazing food. The classes, per usual, went well. Its honestly a beautiful sight to see a group of people that are eager to learn all that they can in such little time.  We ended our night with our “nightly meeting” where there were few thorns, and many roses about how well we all worked together as a team. The thought of leaving Nicaragua makes us both sad, but we  feel blessed, and honored to have seen and experienced so much with new friends–and also a second family–on this trip. Today there was a lot of frustration with this CAP project, but also a lot of teamwork, great ideas, and beautiful results. There is no doubt that tomorrow we will do much better and finish this project strong.   Leslie and Jydalis

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