Hola!!! Hi My name is Nitasha Kang. Today I was the leader for free day! Today we woke up at 7am, and got ready so we could head to breakfast at 8am. We had a beautiful breakfast that reminded us we are so close to being home because it was a nice american breakfast. We had yogurt, granola, toast, banana and to top it with a star fruit drink! We then came back to the comedor and played some games. Some of us played card games, some of us sat around and talked. We also also missed home so much that we order fries and chicken! We then later came up with a plan for what we wanted to do after lunch when we had free time. As a group we came up with multiple ideas and voted on what we would all do as a group. We then headed for lunch and also had an amazing typical Italian dish, spaghetti pasta! Yummmm!!! We had that with a nice Melon Drink! After that we came back to the comedor and suggested our plan to Karen and Erik, and they agreed it was a good plan, but before we went on our adventure around Granada, we played some more group games because it was sinking in we only have one more day left with one another. We soon left for our adventure and went to Pali’s Super Market, where we there shopped around, and I for one bought a lot of snacks to bring home and for the plane ride. Some of us also got ice cream from the outside stand! We then all went to a two story decor that had food stores on the bottom and touristy shopping store on top, where many of us bought souvenirs for the last time! We also all tried are best to barter with the owners, which some of us found to be pretty fun! I know I did when I got one thing down from 400 to 200 Cordobas. After that we went to the central park area and shopped around the little stands. It started to rain a little which was a nice break from the very hot weather. Each day it seems to get hotter and hotter! After some fun shopping around we shopped some more, haha! We went down some side streets that sold jewelry and us girls had some fun looking and buying stuff. Finally we came back to the hostel and got ready fro dinner.  For dinner we also had another american dish which was hot dogs! We then came back and had our nightly meeting where I then passed on the torch to Mia, our next leader. Karen and Erik surprised us and allowed us to go get ice cream which was a special treat, and because I love ice cream it was my second ice cream that day, which reminds me of being home and having ice cream with my family! I learned that as a group even though we all have strong opinions, we can use all our opinions and make great plans that can help the community and our own experiences as well. Today wasn’t what I expected it to be, but it got better and better as the day progressed. Everything in life can start off rocky and confusing, but it gets better, cheesy quote of the day. I realized being a leader isn’t as easy as you may think it could be, but it definitely was a great experience at the end of the day.  I cannot believe tomorrows our last day! I love everyone here! Everyone is so kind and loving. They are a second family. Each young adult here is going to make a difference somehow and someday, and I know that for a fact! I will miss them when I head home, but I also miss my family and friends so much! I love you Mom and Dad, Thanks for encouraging me to go on this trip! Simran and Navan I miss you guys so much. Karina, Micah, and all my other love ones I miss you guys and will see you soon. Lastly, I love you Granada!