Hay everyone I’m Leonel terrero, program coordinator for San Juan De La maguana and today I had to model how  to be an effective and efficient lider of the day,  Spanish” El Lider Del Dia (ELDD) for our 3th  amazing delegation. So the day went like this:

Today’s wake up call was really early, specifically at 6:45 no problems with that, they were ready to wake up and head to Onaney’S (restaurant provider). After that we went straight to the city tour, starting at plaza Caonabo liberado, which is a beautifull park in the entrance of the town.

There we learned about Caonabo an indigenous that fought against the colonizers, how he  liked them, and how he was captured and how he died while being taken to Spain, also about he’s wife anacaona and how she was liked too.

After we went to the university that is called La Uasd. Universidad autonoma de Santo Domingo, also Duarte’s park where we learned about the tree founding fathers, and the tree powers they  represented back in the days to set up everything for the independence fight. Really interesting an engaging story.

Also we learned about Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, which was a dictator, and Orlando Martinez, a journalist that was liked because he was against the government publicly. That happened in balaguer’s era another president.

We ended up our city tour in Sanchez’s park, where the first building made of concert is at, the cathedral we are speaking about, and the park it self eventhoug was hot outthere, didn’t matter much, because it was worth it…

After we headed back to the hotel and we had the English tutoring seminar leaded by me and also one of my favorites parts, because the glimpsers are going to became teaches and help young people, just like them, how to speak English, and how they can enhance their lives through it

After we went to onaney’s for lunch. delicious!!  We ate “arepitas” traditional food. And after  we had our history and culture seminar that everything we saw in the city tour made more sense then

And the best part of the day was when we went to the city hall to learn about Dominican Rhythms: merengue, bachata, palos o atabales and carabiné.  everyone got up and danced each one of the rhythms, it was great seeing everybody getting out of their comfort zone and dancing. Also I must say that we had amazing dancers, although everybody was great, special claps for Juliana and lony Jajaja great job guys!!

After that we went to have dinner and back to the hotel for the nightly metting

Amazing, enriching and fun day!!!!!