After filling  our stomachs with scrambled eggs for breakfast, we boarded the bus to head to  Cerro Negro, one of the many volcanoes in Leon. Grabbing our boards we started the hike up the volcano! Nearly an hour later we reached the top and everyone was astounded by the view. After taking about


a hundred pictures, we started to sled down the volcano on our wooden boards. Some sped all the way down while some stopped a few times but by the end of it everyone was laughing  and sharing their experience despite being covered in dirt and rocks. After everyone showered and ate back at the hostel, we walked to the local university to teach our first English class! Splitting up into groups, some taught beginners classes and others taught an intermediate or advanced class. Everyone was nervous at first but soon we got to know our students and had an amazing time teaching them. Walking back to the hostel and while eating dinner everyone couldn’t stop sharing the experiences they had with their students and their plans for the next class!

PC: Tara Mullen

– Reena Patel