Hi, today is Tuesday August 4th education day. So this day was all about shadowing a high school student and visiting an after school program. The school that we went to was Colegio Maria auxiliadora. Colegio Maria Auxiliadora is a school run by nuns and is also a private school. All of the glimpses including myself were split up into groups of four and put in classes of either junior or senior students. In the classes, we had students who spoke English sitting with us and describing what their school was like. After school had finished we went to lunch at comedor la favorite. We then went back to the hostel to have the academic seminar and afterwards played the game giraffe and elephants which was really fun. After the game, we got our stuff and went to Casa Xalteva where we met a man named Simon Walters. He told us about the work that they do there with kids in dangerous situations and how this program helps these kids be safe while there. After Simon’s speech went outside to play volleyball where the glimpses lost and where we also watched a protest group march past. We then said goodbye to Simon and the kids from Casa Xalteva and went back to the hostel. After our free time we had dinner then the nightly meeting where Jordon was made the new leader of the day. This has been the blog post of the day.
Sincerely, Jarrett Grosbard 20150805_16025420150805_161938