GG kids finally see what poverty really means, feels like, smells like, and looks like.

GG kids finally get glimpse of what poverty really means, feels like, smells like, and looks like.

Many of us claim to be something we are not. In many cases, some of us claim to be rich, popular, or poor. However, we don’t realize that there are billions of people in the world that can’t escape their reality.

“I’m poor” we often hear people say. But have these people actually stopped to think about what does it really mean to be poor? As humans we tend to overlook the things we have. We don’t value the privilege of being able to choose what to wear, what shoes to put on, or what to eat and wasting food. Did you know that 2.5 billion people live with less than $2 a day and out of those 2.5, 1.5 of them live with less than $1 per day?

Today we got the opportunity to visit the Dump along with a partnering Global Glimpse organization called Las Hormiguitas. Las Hormiguitas is a center that was created about 22 years ago. The center focuses on educating kids from the age range of eight to fourteen and a half years old. In addition, Las Hormiguitas has a mobile school which they use to teach the kids that work at the Dump. So today we spent some time with them at the Dump working with the kids and giving out food.

Before this day I used to think of poverty as not being able to buy certain clothes or not having the ability to move to a bigger apartment, but now, I can’t even imagine what is poverty. I don’t think anyone can understand what’s the true meaning of poverty until we experience it. Poverty is something beyond understanding and I don’t think anyone deserves to go through it. Observing the people at the dump was tragic. Sad because many of those people were kids who don’t even own a pair of shoes.

As the Global Glimpse leader of the day, I can guarantee you that we were all touched by what we experienced.