Hi my name is Isabel and today it was my turn to take on the responsibility of leader of the day.  The plan for the day was simple: there was no plan… it was free day.  With it being our second to last full day in Nicaragua, we all took the chance to spend time with each other and cherish the moments we have left together.  For breakfast we had pancakes with fruit and iced tea.  It was the perfect start to the day; it was our favorite meal in combination with our favorite juice.  During breakfast time, Maritza from Las Mujeres del Plomo came to deliver any final bracelets we had ordered, and thus many of us completed our gift shopping.  After breakfast, we had three hours of free time, during which we all went out to enjoy the city.  We took the opportunity to mix up the groups from those that we usually go out with in order to really connect with everyone on the trip.  Most of the groups had the max amount of 7 people, which truly speaks to how we all wanted to spend time together and not leave a single person behind.  I can honestly say that everyone had a blast outside of the hostel.  Many people had spend the entire trip yearning for a sports jersey, and it was finally today, the second to last day, that the group located the store that carried them.  Others, including myself, took the free time as a chance to visit the cyber studio or call center in order to contact our loved ones back home.

After morning free time, everyone reconvened as a group to have lunch at the hostel.  Lunch consisted of chicken with rice and salad.  Several people struggled to finish the delicious meal due to grabbing food outside of the hostel, but as usual, we made sure not to waste any food by means of sharing with others and taking only what we thought we could eat.  Following lunch, the group waited out a short downpour and worked on letters to Global Glimpse donors or supporters.  Even when the rain cleared, many Glimpsers stayed at the hostel for a while just relaxing on the couches or dancing to music.  However, my group and I headed out as soon as we could and went straight to the Barista cafe to get coffee and crepes.  I, as well as most of my group, got a crepe with nutella and banana, which was incredibly tasty… as well as incredibly large.  Once we were all stuffed, we headed to the supermarket, where we ran into another group which was also loading up on snacks.  Though we all were spending the day savoring Matagalpa, we were also preparing for our departure by purchasing countless snacks and last minute souvenirs… while we have enjoyed our stay, we are all looking forward to returning home.

For dinner we had pasta with bread and meat patties, but less attention was paid to the meal than to the fact that it was our last dinner we would be having at the hostel.  Our time here is coming to an end, and we are trying to make the most of every second we have left with our Global Glimpse family.  Then we had a nightly meeting, and I passed on the role of leader of the day to our last two leaders, Nikki and Tatyanna.  To conclude this post, my fellow Glimpsers and I had a wonderfully relaxing free day, and I am happy to have taken my turn as leader of the day.

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