Today’s wakeup was at 8 which was something everyone was thankful for. It was our free day and everyone split off into groups to spend the day as we wished. Many of us decided to get coffee from a small coffee shop called Barista, while others went shopping at local stores or went to internet cafés to call home or use the computers. A group of girls were also able to relax and get their nails done at a local salon. After a few hours we all met up for lunch at the hostel.  After lunch we all went back out in our small groups and had our own adventures. As dinner approached we all returned back to the hostel and ate delicious empanadas. English tutoring followed dinner. As usual we all walked there together and spent an hour and a half teaching. We headed back to the hostel to conclude the day with our nightly meeting and free time. As the end of our trip approaches we have made sure to enjoy the time we have left together. We look forward to our last moments as a global glimpse team.