Today was our first Community Action Project (CAP) day titled Discovery.  During our seminar introducing what CAP is about, we brainstormed all the organizations and potential projects towards making a great impact in the Estelí community. The immense tension brought upon the group as we were going back and forth between choosing Las Mujeres ( women who rose out of living in a dump to making recycled paper) or Bomberos (Estelí firefighters and emergency service providers) for our organization for CAP was rising. This was the time we all realized we were true dreamers for debating, as teens, over which organization to improve.  At first, we all felt very strongly about Bomberos due to their contribution of providing a building to hold our English classes in, but as the seminar progressed with further discussion containing different  perspectives, the option of Las Mujeres became a definite contender. However, with a very close tally of votes, Bomberos won  with a total of 12 and 11 for Las Mujeres. Though some were upset over the conclusion, we all came together, realizing that Bomberos will help all of Estelí now and for years to come.  Later in the day, we went to the Bomberos building to brainstorm exact steps and projects within the building to complete for the rest of our CAP time. We know we have to fix the non-doored bathroom stalls and the chipped paint walls that surrounded us.  Everyone was very enthusiastic about starting this project during this whole process and we are extremely  ready to make the building welcoming and beautiful for the community and their posterity. When night time came around, we went to our English class which was a blast filled with a mixture of  musical talent and adjectives.

At Bomberos