How do your consumer choices affect globalization and vise versa? Today’s theme was Global Business. We visited two different markets in Riobamba and we had the chance to compare and contrast the two different markets to the markets we have at home. When we first got to Mercado Santa Rosa, all I saw was dozens of people at their own booths selling fruits or vegetables. My peers and I were definitely intrigued by the outdoor market because from where we live, all we have are supermarkets. In groups we walked around the outdoor market an we learned that everything was a lot cheaper comparing to the supermarkets or fruit stands from where we are from. Also we learned that it is easier to bargain at outdoor markets. After visiting Mercado Santa Rosa, we took the public bus to Supermaxi which is a big supermarket similar to the ones we have at home. As we walked around Supermaxi, we realized how much more expensive the items were. Some of us bought snacks that we couldn’t find in the states. For example, my roommates and I bought a pack of cookies’n cream oreos After our visit at Supermaxi, we went to Roma Santa for lunch and I had one of my favorite meals throughput the whole trip. We had corn, chicken and plantains. Plantains are common food in Ecuador and I have to say that I’m addicted to them. After lunch, we had some free time and some of us went out to the internet cafe to call home while some people stayed in the hostel to get some rest.At four o’clock, we had our graduation for our English students that we’ve been teaching for the past two weeks. It’s crazy to see how far our students learned in the last two weeks and we were so proud to see them hold their certificates. Big love to my roommate and brother Youssouf for doing such an outstanding job for representing RB2C in his speech (in the picture above) in front of our students and peers. The biggest lesson that we took away from today is that we have to be a lot more cautious about our consumer choices to help save the world. For example, majority of us buy groceries at supermarkets and a lot of the supermarkets double bag their bags Instead, we should be bringing our own grocery bags so that we can help reduce plastic waste every time we go grocery shopping. To wrap it up, I had such a fun time being El Lider Del Dia because I had the opportunity to  lead the group for a day and it taught me how to be a great leader which I never thought I would be able to be. Despite the fun I had as El Lider Del Dia, the biggest struggle today was getting everyone to be on time for the different activities and making sure everyone had the right allergic needs during the meals.Big love to everyone who supported me throughout the day and making this trip possible!

P.S Mom I’m still alive! See you in a week!

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