Hola!!!! Lan-Anh here as the second to last Leader Del Día *sobs*

Since I’m typing this blog post during our last official night in Estelí, Nicaragua, by the time you read this post, we’ll probably be back home and in your arms or at least on our way home.  GOSH, I was told to write this post from the heart, and I’m already becoming a sentimental mess, so I’ll first start with a recap of today’s activities.  The wakeup call was at 7:00am, later than most days (thank god). We then walked to Buffet Estelí at around 8:05am for breakfast which was a delicious combination of (guess what) GALLO PINTO and some eggs with a tortilla on the side. Yummmm.  Following breakfast, we walked back to the hostel to start our final reflection seminar.  I was actually supposed to lead an energizer to hype everyone up for some reflecting, but found that just telling them that there would be free time all afternoon if they finished the reflective activities before lunch did the job.  For the first activity, we were tasked to make a poster describing the five most memorable moments, what we have learned about ourselves during our GG journey, what we have learned about leadership, as well as a person whom had inspired us the most.  We all worked hard on our posters while listening to some tunes, including the occasional country song (shout out to Cammie for her speaker and iPod).  By the time we were all done, the once blank sheets of paper were presented as canvases of our individual journeys.  While listening to the others share their posters, I realized how different our perspectives are.  22 Glimpsers had experienced the same journey, but the outcome was 22 different interpretations.  Each Glimpser was touched by different moments, found their inspiration in different people, etc. 

 Finally, we finished our final reflection seminar by filling out some surveys and writing the final drafts of our letters to the supporters of Global Glimpse.  We then headed out for lunch at noon (at Buffet Estelí) where we had a nutritious meal consisting of steamed vegetables (I eat squash now, mom, are you proud of me?), rice, and our choice of either beef or chicken. Once we finished lunch, we went back to the hostel for five more hours of reflection. JUST KIDDING! Since everyone did such an amazing job during our morning reflection, we finished it all and had free time for the rest of the afternoon.  I’m not sure what everyone else did, but I’m sure they had fun.  Personally, with a group of friends, I got a haircut in Nicaragua as well as my nails done. (Don’t freak out, mom, it’s not that drastic, I promise 😏😏.) After free time, we went to English tutoring where we taught our last English lesson to our students as well as wrote a summary of what we taught them for when the next delegation takes over. Our last session ended far too soon with pictures being taken, tearful goodbyes, as well as the biggest unity clap Global Glimpse has ever seen. 

Dinner was an elegant affair at our favorite restaurant, Coffee and Cocktails.  When the majority of us had finished eating and we heard some music come on from the event going on next door, in true GG fashion, a lot of us proceeded to dance, albeit the boys quite reluctantly. Work it, Paulette!! The night finished with another nightly meeting as per GG tradition where I passed the torch to Daisy who will be our LDD for our journey home.  We all miss you (family and friends) a lot, and we’ll be home real soon!

Memoriam Poem (Idk if I’m allowed to do this, but Imma do it anyway.)

Cammie, my roommate, my amazing friend

Tyler, I respect, for starting a vegetarian trend

Buna, with your admirable Oakland pride,

Helen, with your sweet smile and sensitive side

Kam, with your sass, never fail to speak your mind

Paulette, who’s so tough, but also oh so kind

Maricela with your cute laugh, the bell-like sound

In Jason, a goat impressionist I found

Sarb, always trying new things, being veggie

Bernardo, when rapping to his jam, always ready

Brendan, who’s sweet, supporting our group

Devin, with his smize and his humor, oh shoot

I broke the rhyme.

Kelsey, who got sick, but bounced right back

Jackie, who loves people, that’s a fact

Adriana, with her gorgeous hair and smile

Sidney, with her carefree ‘tude and style

Liz, always smooth when talking with the locals

Cindy, damn girl, you got some moves and vocals

Sammy, always smiling with those shiny teeth

Elisa, a writer, though her pen name unknown

Me, a brand new perspective I was shown,

 Finally, Daisy with her pictures, also taking us home.

Oh wait, Tania with her motherly love and smile

Erik, always keeping us out of trouble with style

Brendan, always checking up on our health

And Fredo who plays speed with such skill and stealth.

In Global Glimpse, a new family was made.

These memories and love will never ever fade.