As one of the last mornings in Matagalpa,waking up at 8 am to the smell of french toast and delicious fruits,we were set to depart to enjoy one of our last Free days to buy our last souvenirs for our friends and family. We enjoyed the delicious scoops of ice cream from Kiss Me (also the workers) to mouthwatering nachos and coffee. Most of us bought coffee to bring back home to remember the tastes of Nicaragua. We all ended up being broke for a good cause.

After hours of enjoying the last souvenir stores around Matagalpa, we came back for lunch and dinner and headed out to our last English Tutoring classes with the locals. It was such a touching experience to know that we all impacted everyone in one way and that we as teachers learned from our students,too. It was bittersweet to say good-bye to our students because we all got so attached, that is was so heart breaking to say goodbye to people who,unfortunately,we may never ever see ever again. ;( After hugs and tears, we came back to our nightly meeting to wrap up our amazing day and celebrated our birthday princess, Esther! She deserves the world and so we tried to give it to her by surprising her early in the morning with a surprise poster saying “Happy 16th Birthday Esther!” and lots of balloons scattered around the floor.


Intermediate class saying their last goodbyes to their teachers.

Celebrating our youngest member of Global Glimpse who just turned 16,Esther Mathews!

But do you know how to whip?







Looking forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for looking at all of our blogs.