Today was our last day in the great city of Matagalpa. Everyone in the group was sad to go, but at the same time ready to return home and see their families and friends. We spent our morning having a breakfast of Repocheta (Quesadilla), eggs and even more Guillo Pinto. Afterwards we finished packing and brought our suitcases to the living room to eventually be taken away. We then all got together for one last meeting where we discussed the past week–about what our highlights, dislikes, and things we learned about ourselves during that time.

The major highlights that were brought up the most was Working on our C.A.P Project to help paint a Mural and planting a beautiful Garden.

A Group Of Glimpsers Working Hard At Infancia Sans Fronteires school

A photo with our students who were willing to learn the Cha Cha Slide

Next was Tutoring English with a great group of students. Tonight, we taught some of them The Cha Cha Slide. The biggest complaint being “I don’t know how to dance to the Cha Cha Slide”. Then saying our final goodbyes to the class and receiving many presents from our students ranging from candies to bracelets.

Our Last Photo At English Tutoring

We then posed for one last photo outside of the school before going back to the Hostel for our last night. Where we then celebrated Esther’s sweet 16! Where good laughs and good stories were swapped.

Esther’s Birthday Cake

Once these moments were shared to the group we performed a new type of big love where we learned how much we had all impacted one another on this trip. From making us laugh, to who inspired us to try new things. Then we had a lunch consisting of chicken and rice. Once lunch was done we moved our suitcases onto the bus, cleaned our rooms over then said our goodbyes to the Hostel and headed off.We were on the bus for around 2:30 hours where we slept, had some snacks,and once again, sung absolutely terrible to songs played on speakers and the radio.Then we arrived to the Hotel we began this trip at, where we filled out our custom forms and our final reflections of our in country Global Glimpse Leaders Silvan and Maryuleth. Then as a complete surprise to all of use, our final dinner in this beautiful country. Was pizza. As out last activity as a group we performed one last Big Love where we all wrote down things that we admired and loved about everyone else. Once all of that was done, we were given our phones and many of the Glimpsers enjoyed swimming in the Hotel’s pool before finally calling it a day.


Please see the previous post for flight info. We all look forward to seeing you tomorrow!