Hi everyone! This is probably a bit late, considering our trip is in less than 6 days from this post. Hehe. Anyway, my name is Trinh Duong! I am a student at Andrew P. Hill High School in the not so small city of San Jose. It was really nice meeting all of y’all last Saturday and I cant wait to see you all again this Wednesday. If you’re reading this, don’t forget to pack! I had a nightmare about this believe it or not, and it was extremely horrifying.

Anyway, I suppose I should talk about myself. I’m a huge HP fan. HUGE. LOL. I have a Harry Potter Collection, so if you’re a “potter head” we can spazz together during our trip. I hope that during this trip I can meet a lot of new people and improve my Spanish, and help a lot of people. Oh I forgot to mention that, I love helping people A LOT. Whether it be through writing them letters, lending an ear, or volunteering at a homeless shelter, knowing I can make someone’s day better, makes my day! At school, Im one of those drama people. Haha, but Im not very good at improv and Im not that funny, so please no high expectations for humor out of me. HEHE. Okay. Well, I’ve been trying to avoid SAT studying and I dont think I can very much longer (Its the day after tomorrow, yikes!) Wish me luck guys! Can’t wait. xoxo.