It’s that time in the trip! Yes that time meaning Community Action Project which means we get to begin building our plan to enlighten a community. This day was the day most of us looked up to since we were so nervous to present our projects and whether the principal would like it, but to actually take part in this project was so fascinating.This year as a group we agreed on three different projects that would unit the Miguel Angel Leon community; we split up into three different groups, the garden, the mural, and signs.

I woke up at 5:30 even though I was suppose to wake up at 6:00. Today I, Alexis was the Lider del dia with Ashley who was an awesome leader to have as my co-partner. Today’s challenge for me was to overcome my fear of being the the leader because I don’t like being the center of attention.Today my group was suppose to work on the signs for the school but we didn’t get to because the signs weren’t ready.  Instead, our group worked on painting the walls for the bathroom, in order for the school to look more presentable and for the kids to feel more at home. We learned to work as a team and to work hard to get our projects done. I was surprised to work on painting because my mind set was set on something else. Having the chance to paint actually allowed some memories to come back. For instance, when I was painting I remembered my father teaching me how to paint and how much I missed him. I’m very proud that the entire group worked very hard and was very focused on their group project. Today, I learned that I am able to overcome anything I set my mind to.

Today I, Ashley  was co-partner with Alexis who woke me up to begin our special day. Just like her, I was so nervous to be Lider del Dia but we were so comfortable with each other and the whole group that we didn’t feel any pressure. When we arrived to Miguel Angel Leon we reminded our peers why we were so excited for this day and the change and impact our project would have in this community. The project I worked on today was the garden. The garden is very special since the principal mentioned that the children would eat the same thing everyday and so we bought plants and fruits that would not only help the environment and children, but also make it look presentable.  I was surprised with the dedication and persistence we as a whole had and the commitment to have as much done as possible for the next day.


After working on our CAP project we came back to have free time and then we went to back to Miguel Angel  Leon to have our last full day of english tutoring. And reminded our student if they could come tomorrow to help us complete one of the murals.

After being the Lider del dia we both came to the conclusion; Never let your fear stop you from doing or trying something spectacular in life.