Hello Glimpsers!

My name is Jonathan Wright, one of your 3 leaders for the June 27 trip to Guaranda, Ecuador! I am a science teacher at a small charter high school called Impact Academy in Hayward, CA.  I’ve been teaching high school science in the Bay Area for 6 years. Outside of being a big science nerd, you can often find me somewhere outdoors, hiking, camping or backpacking.

I’m really looking forward to making a great experience for you all to get to know each other, the people in Guaranda, and most importantly, yourselves!  It’s so important for folks living in the United States to learn more about our place in the world, and I’m excited to learn with you.

You’ll be hearing from one of your 3 leaders soon (me, Denise, or Cara) to check in and make sure you’re set for the trip. In the meantime, I encourage you to:

  1. Your passport is ready to go! Remember you need 2 photocopies.
  2. Login to your Portal account! Check out packing lists, pre-trip info packets, and other useful resources.
  3. If you’re not a native Spanish speaker, brush up on your Spanish skills! (I use the Duolingo app–it’s free and easy to use!)
  4. Learn about Ecuador and Guaranda. Your Portal account has a site-specific info packet on Guaranda with lots of ideas (movies, ted talks, books, etc.). The more you learn ahead of time, the richer your in-country experience will be.
  5. Reach out to any of us with questions and concerns, or comment on this blog!

See you soon! We’ll be on a plane together before you know it!