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Hello everyone! My name is Na-Jee “Myles” Davis. I´m 17 years old and I attend James Logan High School in Union City, California. I was the leader of the day and I woke up ready to explore the variety of activities that Leon has to offer.  I think Leon is a magnificent city where people are friendly and very proud to be Nicaraguans. Keeping in mind that this isn’t the first time I have been away from my family, it was still very difficult to adapt to living in a new country for three weeks that was foreign to me.

We started our day off by heading to Quiero Mas for breakfast. Then from there we started our free time by splitting into small groups and exploring the new activities that Leon provides around town. After the few hours of free time all of the Glimpsers met back at Quiero Mas for lunch. After eating lunch we all decided as a group that it would be great to spend the rest of our free time watching a movie together. It was a very fun experience being able to bond with my  new family and getting to know each other on a deeper level than when we first met each other. Later that night we went to teach our English classes and bond with our lovely students. I have really connected with my students through these past few days. At first when i started tutoring it was very hard to teach because of the language barrier between my students and I. After a few days of tutoring my students we were able to communicate better through acting and art making it much easier to learn new words in both english and spanish. After tutoring the Glimpsers capped off the day with a nightly meeting and words of encouragement that would help the group strive to be much better global citizens.

Throughout my stay in Leon I learned that people are very happy and love to be who they are without any regrets no matter how difficult their situation may seem. When I think back on the last free day we had I have changed my whole mindset on how I perceive situations in life. I have noticed through my own experiences that many things I see as problems (such as not being able to eat Mcdonalds for snack after lunch, or not being able to go use my cell phone because my charger broke) are actually just meaningless needs I wish to be fulfilled. In my stay in Leon, I have realized that many things people call “problems” are actually just selfish desires that haven’t met the person’s standards they´ve created in their own minds. I learned that we should face our challenges with a positive outlook on the situation so that we can learn from our experiences instead of trying to put them in the past and forget about them. Today it felt great to actually spend time and relax with my group. We had bonding moments to hold as memories that will never be forgotten as long as we live.