Today June 20, 2018 was a different day for the Glimpsers to be able to explore Guaranda. Our day started off with a sunny morning and a good breakfast. Glimpsers split into two groups of eleven and each group had one GG leader with them. During our free time we went to many business and talked to workers about the profit they make. We learned that some workers would take advantage of people just because looking apart from the group such as, not being able to talk in Spanish fluently. But most people here got to bargain for low prices and some will thank you for buying their items. Glimpsers were able to buy gifts for their family members and friends.

During our free time Glimpsers were able to call their parents and tell them about their stay in Guaranda. Glimpsers were feeling refreshed to talk to their family members after days with no communication. We saw a couple of Glimpsers cry and be happy to hear from their family. After their call Glimpser were able to alleviate their homesickness.

After two hours of walking both groups met at “La Estancia” for another great meal. Afterwards, we walked to our English tutoring school to continue our third class. Dinner was interesting because we had a mini birthday party for one of the worker’s son, named Martin. Martin is a special kid who doesn’t have everything we have back home. His wish was to own a soccer ball; one of the Glimpser brought a ball to donate and he offered to give it to him. Martin showed us a lesson that you don’t need expensive stuff to be happy. I learn that the simplest things in life are the most valued things you have.