Hello to all C3B’s family and friends, today was History Day!
In the morning the delegation tried mangu for the first time and afterward we did some activities and seminars to learn about the culture of the Dominican Republic. After that, we did a tour of Constanza to know more about its historical areas as well as meeting with the captain of the tourism police and the colonel of the military base here in Constanza. We also toured and took pictures inside the military fortress and got to know a little about the people who protect Constanza. Later, we went to the park where we played a game of baseball against a youth team. They almost won, but in the end, we triumphed!
Afterward, we returned to the housing accommodation and had some free time for the delegation to get to know each other better and later we had an activity of reflection where we discussed what could learn better from our classmates. Then we had an excellent dinner consisting of spaghetti and meatballs and a final meeting at the end of the night. Overall, it was a great day as we had fun and learned a lot. We are very excited that tomorrow will be even better!