“If you want to change the world, be the change’ – Gandhi

Coming live from the Dominican Republic, we have news for our 14th day here.

Hey family and friends, today was our last push for our CAP project as well as a ceremonial goodbye to the community of Jinova, but to start off our day, we began as we always do; eating a nutritious breakfast Rosaura’s. Our breakfast consisted of Dominican tostadas and hot chocolate!

A quick transition from the restaurant to the community of Jinova, we continued our Community Action Project (CAP) right away. Giving no time to waste, each committee went to work, having much to do in our restricted time frame. From shoveling cement, to building bookshelves by hand, to painting an inspiring mural in the classroom area for the young students attending the community center, our backs were sweaty, and our hearts filled with compassion. Although we wish we were machines, we desperately needed a break during lunch.

After the first shift of hard work, we regained our strength and energy with an enriching meal, which consisted of rice with chicken, beans, sweet plantains, and a healthy green salad. We then returned to battlefield. We all came to an agreement to stretch our working time to another hour so we could leave Jinova knowing we successfully completed our original plans.

Near the end of our CAP, the mayor of Jinova gave a few words in appreciation to our rigorous labor and presented a banner in our honor of unifying Global Glimpse, Jinova, and Fundeji (organization in support).

In appreciation to the people of Jinova, our students gave their blood, sweat, and tears during the three days of CAP. Seeing the smiles on the communities’ faces shined hope in response to helping those in need, an experience and feeling that the youth will never forget.

P.S. All y’all kids are constipated and for that reason our dinner’s meal was prunes.

P.P.S Hey Vincent, thanks for the constant comments and love, you’re quite popular here, and see all of my loved ones real soon!