Hi there world this is Abraham Fuentes in Bonao Dominican Republic and I was the student leader of the day, for today we are in our last day for preparations for our community project here in the DR working with the Federación de Campesinos we start on our group project this Friday!

We did find some problems today as we practiced our dry-run presentation in front of the Global Glimpse Leaders, like rewriting our agenda and making sure that it transitioned seamlessly.  Additionally, we ended up having more free time and more time to prep our English classes. It also allotted for more time to prep for our presentation to Esteban that afternoon. Our presentation was going to be at 10:30 am but Esteban had a group of people come to his working area at La Loma, so we had to move the presentation to 4:30.

We did not have the time to shop for the material for the project today but we did give our presentation to Esteban and he liked our idea of the playground and recreation youth area. The thing now, is that we have to go shopping on Friday morning and have less time working that day and therefore will be pressed for time to complete the CAP project in fewer answers than anticipated.

After we gave our presentation to Esteban, we got into our routine and taught our English classes here at the fundación.   My class has been the best and they also don’t like the idea of us leaving the Dominican Republic–so my class is giving a goodbye party for us. I really love the DR for how lively it is and how community is a big part of its culture and don’t forget the food.

For tomorrow we will be having a fun day I am looking to this day. I hope that everyone back home is fine. And love to all my friends and family.