Hana cleaning tomatoes.

Hana cleaning tomatoes.


Hi friends, my fellow Glimpsers’ friends, and family! I’m Kathy and I attend Andrew P. Hill High School in San José. When applying to Global Glimpse, I had two main goals—to become interconnected with more of the world and break any barriers of indifference between Nicaragua’s culture and mine. Today, on “Working Like a Local,” I felt those goals become reality, not only for myself, but for my glimpse family as a whole. Our day started off at 6 AM, when we all woke up with heavy eyelids that only wanted to close again… 😢 and grabbed breakfast—Gallo pinto with bread—on the go to reach El Mercado. By 6:45 AM, our morning as locals was on full blast off! Whether we were working in the dairy or meat or vegetable section of the bustling market, we experienced the rare opportunity of truly discovering the ins and outs of working in a city like Estelí. Our stall-holders taught us how to create smoothies, make a food stand appear more appealing, yell prices to passing customers, cut fresh fruits and the list of activities go on. Simultaneous to diving into the chaotic market culture, we glimpsers also developed relationships with our stall-holders. We discussed how many siblings we had, the music we enjoy, what a habitual day consists of…. Even glimpsers who did not fluently speak Spanish held conversation through hand motions to share our lives. By the time to depart and give thanks arrived, tears and the want of not wanting to leave was inevitable. “Working Like a Local” will forever leave indentations on our lives, because through this day we learned the challenges of business in an developing community but from that the beauty behind being happy no matter what financial status one is in. Today, E1A and I became global citizens. We interconnected and were one with the world. Today, we were not E1A but A1!!!!


CAP update!!
Hola everyone! I’m Yesenia and I attend Independence High School in SJ. Today I had the pleasure of sharing the role of leadership and goals with Kathy. We dedicated the second part of the day to our CAP project, which we start in two days! With a well thought out plan our lovely managers (Lorenzo and David) made, we headed out into the streets of Estelí in groups with different objectives. Group one bought all the materials we needed while three other groups asked for donations from our local hardware stores. Despite some groups’ slow progress, our overall team progress was enormous. We bought most of the stuff we needed, picked up previous donations, got two more donations (we unfortunately don’t know what they are yet), and fixed some meetings with store owners on Monday for possibly big donations!! Our dream team (designing and logistics) have been cooking up a plan that we haven’t been able to get a peek at yet 😡. I guess you guys will have to wait for the results! Happy Early Father’s day for all the dads out there from us glimpsers!