Hello Families,

We are Leaders of the Day for Day 3. Our names are Daniel Keep and Anna Sara. Shout-out to la familia!

Today was Aid and Development Day. We started to develop our Community Action Projects by visiting a local neighborhood called Barrio de las flores and spending time with our partner organization, a local futbol (soccer) club. We practiced our listening skills to figure out how we could best support their needs. Afterwards, we played soccer with the kids. The score was 4-2; we lost.

Then we went to the community youth center and heard a word of empowerment from Darlin Tiburcio. He emphasized the importance of selflessness and devotion. By the end of day, we had a better understanding of temporary aid and sustainable development.

Lastly, we had our first English tutoring classes today! We took the time to create lesson plan with our teaching groups and walked to the local school. There, we taught locals of various ages and levels in organized groups. This was the first of many classes and it’s sure to be a memorable experience.

We’re all excited to continue developing and implementing our Community Action Project!