Hello families, here’s a summary of our day:

The sweet sound of David´s morning call woke us up at 6:50 AM. After a quick refreshing breakfast at our hostel, we hopped on the bus to a permaculture farm called Rancho Mila where we were immersed in the world of sustainable farming by a beautiful couple. We learned organic methods of pest control, using plants instead of chemicals. The farm taught us a lot about how plants help each other and grow in a community. We then walked to a newer section of the farm and planted legumes along side coconut palms as a natural pesticide and a nitrogen fixer. We then enjoyed a delicious offering of cheese produced on the farm and Mococha fruit, which is related to the coconut, it was mane (sadhio).

Then we took the bus to our scenic lunch spot at Doña Rosa’s, and celebrated in song. After lunch we walked down to the local high school, Fanny. Here we worked in the greenhouse, with the Ecuadorian Eco-Club members, making garden beds, planting flowers, mixing soil and playing soccer. After work we took the local bus into town and walked to the beach for a beautiful sunset and bought mangoes from a local vendor. Then we dined at Don Carlos´, a delicious dinner followed by an incredibly insightful reflection led by Bodhi, Logan, and Amina that quickly bonded the group and changed perceptions. After our reflection we hung out in our beautiful hostel until bed time. Today we learned a lot about our connection with nature, but also our connection with each other, and absorbed the energy on a deeper level than before as well as exercised our communication skills.

With good vibes from Bahia,

Logan, Amina and Bodhi