Hello I am LDD Estefania.

Today I was the leader of the day for Global Business and Working Like a Local. We started off our morning with a wake up call at 5:30 and breakfast at 6:30. For breakfast we ate scrambled eggs and toast. After we ate our breakfast we headed to Finca PAMEL on our bus.

Finca PAMEL was an amazing experience where we got to learn about a historical landscape, agriculture, and the sustainability of a local business. This family owned farm was surrounded by beautiful views and creative designs. The activities ranged from planting seeds to working with the animals. Our hosts were incredibly inspiring with their commitment and passion of ecotourism and education. When we arrived, our Global Glimpse troopers got a tour of the farm from Pablo and Melani (brother and sister). It was interesting for us to learn about the land and participate in the hard work. Helana and I were dressed up in a traditional Panamanian dress by Melani and her mother, Marisol. The amount of work that goes into the details of the dress was very impressive to all of us.

After this memorable experience we were able to take a shower and rest, then proceeded to the next activity of the day. Today’s seminar was on CAP, Community Action Project, where we were given an overview of the structure that will help us carry out the project. We also received the news of tomorrow’s field trip to Escuela Paris where we will meet our partners and start our discovery, part one of the three Ds: Discovery, Design and Delivery.

In the evening, our English tutoring was better for every group member. Reflecting on yesterday’s experience with the students we were able to be more prepared for our class. It is important to keep in mind that it takes a lot of patience and flexibility from both sides, because the students and ourselves are learning at the same time. So far I am extremely proud of our group for all the growth and skills we have developed so far.