Hello Parents/Guardians, friends, and fellow Glimpsers!

The last twenty-four hours have been so challenging for us here in Jarabacoa! We have lived like a local: no electricity, no fans, no running water, and smaller portions of food. Nonetheless, we are still enjoying life in the beautiful Dominican Republic! Today we took a 45 minute ride to Paso Bajito, and we were welcomed by the families of that community. During our time there, we did variations of chores and household duties. Some of the families and Glimpsers cooked us THE BEST FOOD EVER! (side note: the rice and beans were a hit!). We then took time to bond with the community through food, games, and by showing some “Big Love”  to the locals. It then came time to say some tearful, COMPASSIONATE, and heart-felt goodbyes. On our way back–just like on the way there–we admired the nice mountains and got to experience the other communities in the DR as we looked out the big windows on our bus.

When we made it back to our hostel, we played multiple rounds on Giant Uno and rested up before our CAP Seminar. In this seminar, we talked about the steps we need to take to create the best Community Action Project. We will be working with a local school to help improve their school experience, and we are all extremely excited! We ended the day with a great conversation, summarizing what we did throughout the day, sharing our Roses & Thorns and having a discussion surrounding many different topics. Today is a day that we won’t forget, and it is one of the best we’ve had so far!