Rather than rewrite the introductory post I wrote last year, let’s link it!

Now that we know each other, let’s talk about what I learned on my trip last year.

Our delegation after finishing our Community Action Project in July 2018. I am the dude in the orange shirt looking like I don’t know what to do with my hands.

The goals of a Global Glimpse trip, from my experience are:

  • send a diverse group of students to another country to grow as a group
  • expose students to new cultures
  • develop students as leaders through experience
  • learn about sustainable community service via the community action project and tutoring
  • give students a sense of their role in a global community
  • reflect on and discuss complex political, cultural, and social questions

Chitre will be my fourth trip of this type (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic). Panama will be my thirty-second country visited since my trip to Nicaragua in 2009. While I don’t have one, I imagine each experience is like a tattoo: raw and vivid and permanent. What it means to you may change and fade over time, but it affects you long after it’s done. I suppose, travel-wise, I am like those people covered with tattoos who keep going back for more. I can understand why “don’t you have enough” would seem ridiculous.

See you at the airport!