Hi my name is Laura and I am 16 years old. This September I will be a senior attending the High School of Economics and Finance. Hello there! My name is Brianna.  I attend Williamsburg Preparatory High School in Brooklyn, NY. Laura and I were both Liders del Día for today. Today we both woke up at 7:00 am and then at 7:30 we woke up our fellow Glimpsers so that we could head out and have some breakfast. For breakfast we had some granola, yogurt, pancakes, bananas and some guava juice. It was a bit odd to be standing next to Isabelle and translating what she was saying to everyone. All this time I was so used to being the one sitting down that when it was my turn it felt quite nice. During breakfast we were all just having a good time before it came down to the messy part, CAP. Day one of CAP was already quite a hard day since everyone was trying to get organized and we were all still trying to figure out what was necessary in order to make the project a success. Not to mention how tired everyone was when we all came back to the hotel. To make sure that today’s CAP day was well organized, during the nightly meeting we made a list of people who were going to work on the mural and the basketball/soccer courts first then have the groups switch. We also planned more breaks to keep everyone from getting too tired.

At 8:45 AM, Don Victor drove us all to U.E. German Abdo where we proceeded to work on our second day of CAP. Once we got to the school we entered the classroom, put our stuff down and we were all ready to work. The moment everyone stepped out of the classroom we divided everyone into their groups based off of the list we made. However, once we all got stationed into our groups we faced a bit of a setback. Since most of the materials were used during the first day of CAP it was hard to get to work. People who were working on the murals needed some more white paint and brushes while those working on the hopscotch needed more red paint, chalk, fine brushes and tape measures. Since today there were two LDD’s one of us had to go out and buy the supplies with two other Glimpses. So, while Brianna stayed with the rest of the group I (Laura) stepped out with Trista, Miguel and Paúl to buy some more materials. While I was gone, Brianna did a great job in taking initiative and organizing everyone into groups, which in the end turned out to be very effective. Huge shout out to wild, stupid, crazy talented Wilder who designed and sketched the outlines for our mural when first arriving to our CAP site! A big thank you to all who helped her in making it possible to finish in only 3 daysss! We’re telling you this group is amazing. It was very nice of everyone to help everyone else. While half of the group was working on the mural, the others were working diligently on our lovely soccer and basketball courts. We are just super proud of everyone. We all had to be up and moving today and it we always in a team effort! That’s how we were able to finish both courts today. Yayyyy😁

Then we all got onto the bus with our top notch driver Don Victor, who can drive through almost anything including icy, windy, blistering mountains. We arrived later than expected to lunch because as a group we concluded that we should at least stay another 30 minutes after our set CAP time to get more done. We’re just that dedicated man. At Roma Santa, Isabel prepared a delicious lunch of pollo al Horno, broccoli, arroz blanco and passion fruit juice. Yummy in our tummies. After lunch we travelled back to the hotel and had about 40 minutes of free time to shower our paint and sweat stained selves while Kamau and Vishay had their leadership meeting. Don’t worry that got to wash the work stink off themselves too. Then at 4:30 pm we had all split up into our English Tutoring Groups to plan out our lessons later on in the evening, which was a blast. Afterwards we all got dressed up in our professional business casual clothing and headed out to dinner at 5:00 pm. Isabel cooked up some good ol’ American hamburgers with french fries and some Coca-Cola on the side. Nelson played the tunes as per usual during our dining session. We all left at around 6:00 pm to head to Maldonado where we would be teaching our second English lessons of the trip. Things went much more smoothly this time around being we had prior experience from the day before. We all finished with only good things to say and smiles on everyone’s faces as we walked out the classrooms. With the whole group feeling a sense of accomplishment, we left the school and headed back to the hotel for our nightly meeting.

There we congratulated everyone on their absolutely phenomenal job of collaborating together as a group both during our CAP project and in our English tutoring classrooms. We were all just extremely proud of each other and all that we have done. The torch of Lider del Día had then been passed to Kamau and Vishay where Vishay did a mind blowing card trick for his talent and Kamau did some car noises in a pitch black room. He requested we turn off the lights but we have no idea why lol.  We ended off the day on a great note and have loved the experience of guiding our fellow Glimpsers throughout their rewarding, hardworking and overall productive day and cannot wait to see all of you waiting at home soon.


See Y’all Soon!,

Brianna and Laura