Hi all! Today I was able to be the first Lider Del Dia. Our day went something like this… We first woke up extra early at 6:30 to have breakfast at La Estancia, which consisted of bread, eggs, fruit, yogurt, and granola. After breakfast, we hopped on the bus to meet a healer named Adan, who introduced and used a variety of local herbs and plants to cleanse the bad from each of our spirits. After that, we headed back to have lunch, which included chicken patties, rice with lentils, and, of course, fresh vegetables. Following lunch we went to tour a museum to learn all about the indigenous culture of Guaranda, and most interestingly the tradition of Carnaval. We were also able to go onto the roof of the museum and enjoy the almost birds-eye view of Guaranda! After the tour, we returned to our hotel, where we had our CAP – Community Action Project – 1 seminar and learned about the ways we could most make an impact on the community of a school named FAE. After the seminar, we had a delicious dinner of pasta and herbal tea at La Estancia, I followed with our nightly meeting, and I passed off the role of Lider Del Dia to Kyle and Jackson.