Hi all! I’m excited to introduce myself. My name’s Mary Sweeney, and I teach English at Lindblom (swoop-swoop to the Eagles on the trip). In the picture, I’m with my niece and godchild. She is very sweet but also very, very bad. She once climbed ON TOP of a bouncy house. I love being an aunt and spoiling her.

This summer, my biggest news is that I got married! In this, I not only landed a partner for life, but became the proud stepmom of a cat named Carl. He has quickly become a mama’s boy and pretty much follows me around at home. 

I’m very excited to go on this trip. I became a Global Glimpse Leader for a few reasons: #1 Sergeant Walker (another GGL) recruited me. He’s very convincing. Also, I wanted to challenge myself — I think 16 days out of country with a bunch of folks I don’t yet know will be a great learning experience! I’ve been trying to learn Spanish with a combination of Duolingo (a language-learning app), and Spanish-Language films with the subtitles on. I’m looking forward to trying out my Spanish, to listening and understanding a different culture, and also to seeing students tutor in English. I learn a lot about teaching from students, so I’m excited to get ideas.

I will meet you all very soon! Get excited! 🙂